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Keeping Safe

Keeping Children Secure

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Standens Barn Primary

Our Vision, Values and Aims


The Governors vision is to make Standens Barn Primary School an excellent school.

This is created through the overarching vision of the school to give the children the skills to be independent, confident and self-led learners, who are brave, enthusiastic, safe and thoughtful.

The children are encouraged to cooperate and given opportunities to develop their individual academic potential and are guided to self-responsibility, while being mindful of the rights of others.


Celebrating achievements and sharing success.

Being positive, fair and consistent with clear expectations.

Providing challenge in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Listening, being approachable and valuing the views and opinions of others.

To teach children to be Brave, Enthusiastic, Safe and Thoughtful and to act accordingly.




Our aims are to send children out from Standens Barn Primary school who:

Are open to new ideas, brave, enthusiastic, safe, thoughtful, independent learners and thinkers, open-minded, numerate, literate, articulate, self-motivated, confident, secondary ready, fluent readers, fluent writers, fluent spellers, able to challenge, able to form opinions

Enjoy Reading

Have a wider knowledge of the world, thinking skills, an appreciation of learning, an ability to listen, with high expectations of themselves

Want to learn

Use ICT confidently

Can voice an opinion, and questions

Achieve full potential


Our aims are to send children out from Standens Barn Primary school who:

Are confident, co-operative, respectful, self-motivated, empathetic, polite, happy, respectful, streetwise, confident, resilient, responsible, and ready for secondary school, able to deal with peer pressure, happy, brave, enthusiastic,  safe, thoughtful, independent, well mannered, co-operative and respectful.

Believe in themselves

Enjoy reading

Can deal with peer pressure, take responsibility for their own behaviour, work well within a team, make the right choices, display manners, react appropriately to situations, follow rules, express feelings, communicate effectively, express opinions, make considered choices, understand the consequences, be aware of less appropriate behaviour, understand the consequences of their actions.

Show tolerance, respect and perseverance.

Have higher levels of self-esteem, have good communication skills, life skills, the ability to listen, self-confidence and aspiration

Welcome to Our School

Standens Barn Primary

Thank you for visiting Standens Barn School's website. We are a primary school for 4-11 year olds based in Standens Barn, Northampton.

We believe that education is seen as relevant when it is delivered in an exciting and stimulating way.  We encourage children to be creative, to try out ideas and explore their learning.  We also believe that this is best achieved alongside the teaching of reading, writing and mathematical concepts in order for the children to have a good grasp of the basics.

Choosing a school for your son and daughter is always a difficult time and as parents we take into account many pieces of information. The one thing I would stress, is that it is definitely worth a visit to a school to see if its ethos and way of working is what you are looking for.

On our website you will find information by clicking the headings at the top and down the left hand side and hopefully this will give you an idea or flavour of our school, but I would still urge you to visit any schools that you have chosen for consideration.

Our curriculum is based around the subjects in the National Curriculum, but weaved together under an exciting and creative themed approach e.g. The Romans; The Rainforest and for the older ones deep thinking ones like Prejudice.

We also recognise that schools are social places too and so we offer over 20 different clubs throughout the year ranging from football to dance to art. These are skills that equip children to socialise and to be a part of the world that they are growing up in and develop the social skills that help them do this.

I am incredibly proud of the children and their achievements and the staff that work with them to help them learn, grow and develop into the BEST they can be. Our motto supports us with this work and the My Best, Your Best, Our Best is about the children developing as individuals and together and we have a great team here to help your child do that. Again, please make a visit to the school, I think you will be pleasantly impressed by what you see and how we work. Thank you.

Mr S Blight

Choose your Language!




Dear parents - unfortunately, we cannot invite you in to see around the school but once you are in the website then please go to our VIRTUAL TOUR page for a look inside our school.

The deadline for application is the 15th January 2021 at 5pm.

Applications are made via the Northamptonshire County Council website so please visit there as well.

All the best with your choices and we look forward to welcoming you to our school.