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Mrs Sarah Drummond (Learning Mentor)

Mrs Val Armstrong (HLTA)

Mrs Yvonne Jolley (HLTA)

Miss Dahira Abkey (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Miss Sophia Bennett (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Zoe Brown (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Karen Christodoulou (Teaching Assistant)

Ms Rowena Clarke (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Holly Coote (Apprentice Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Eva Forgo (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Helen Hadley (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Deena Haria (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Katharine Hill (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Kim Lavall (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Rachel Mellish (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Miss Nina Patterson (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Alison Richards (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Joanne Stone-Moore (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Lisa Skelton (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Mr Ryan Dunnett (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Karen MacKenzie-Watson- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Catherine Mitchell- Teaching Assistant
Mrs Amy - Teaching Assistant

 Midday Supervisors

Miss Leanne Ahearn
Mrs Kay Pearce
Miss Amy Stafford
Mrs Julie Vyse         

 Site Supervisor

Mrs Tracy McAnulty

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