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Advisory Committee act as a team.  They supervise all aspects of school activity from the learning experiences of children to the business management of the school.  Many of the member bring individual expertise to their role in addition to their background as parents, Local Authority representatives, school staff or members of the community.

Through collaboration with the Headteacher and other staff, the Advisory Committee strive to create a safe, caring and happy environment where everybody is respected and valued.  The children in our care are afforded every opportunity to achieve their potential both academically and socially and to recognise the unique contribution that they have to make to the world around them.

Our Vision is to make Standens Barn Primary School an Excellent school.

The work we do all feeds into this vision.

Any vacancies on the Advisory Committee will be indicated below.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our Advisory Committee then please contact the Chair of Advisory Committee via the school.

The Advisory Committee was reconstituted in September 2014. It is made of the following groups:

(a) Headteacher

(b) Parent Members x4 (2elected and 2 co-opted)

(c) Staff  x 2 (1 elected and 1 co-opted))

(d) Local Authority x 1

(e) Co-opted x 4

Grand Total 12

Staff Members

Simon Blight

Simon Blight 

I am the Headteacher at the school.  I work with the Advisory Committee to ensure that the education the children receive is the best it can be.  I am very proud to be the Head of the school and get to work with a super team of people and wonderful children.  I believe that reading, writing, and maths are essential skills for primary children, as well as fostering an imaginative mind.  When I get the chance I love reading, and remind the children a lot about this, and also like to play golf and watch the odd film or two!

Appointed: 01/09/2008 by The Advisory Committee

Declared interests: None.

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Paul James

I am a Business Assurance Analyst at Barclaycard and enjoy working with digital technology. In 2014, I became a Parent Member. I have a child who is currently in Year 3 and I am thoroughly impressed by the love of school life my daughter has and how Standens Barn encourages her to show BEST on a daily basis. Over the past year, it has also been a pleasure to watch Standens Barn grow and achieve well-deserved results and accolades.

Appointed: 02/12/2013 by parent election

Declared interest - Husband of staff member Mrs Amie James 

100 0481

Erica Cullen (Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee)

I am a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee.  I have been a parent member for approximately 5 years. My eldest child attended this school. I have a child in key stage 2 and a younger child starting Reception in September 2015. When I am able, I enjoy visiting the school to help out and especially enjoy attending assemblies and school plays.

Appointed: 12/12/2008 by parent election

Declared interests: none 

100 0489

Tony Hines

I have been a parent member for 4 years. I have had 1 child go through the school and 1 still at the school. I am very proud of the school and how it has improved it's results and teaching over the years.

Appointed: 17/01/2011 by parent election

Declared interests: none 

100 0488

Jess Thirlway

I became a parent member in July 2014, shortly after moving to the area from Lincolnshire. I have two children who attend the school and I have a real passion for enabling people to realise their full potential. I have worked in the public sector for the past 13 years and so I have a range of experience, including contract management and commissioning, quality inspections, partnership working and community engagement. I feel very passionately about the school and know that my children are well looked after and have quickly settled into school life. 

Appointed: 09/06/2014 by parent election

Declared interests: none

Winston Strachan

Cllr Winston Strachan

I am very proud to be accepted as a member of this school even after serving 13 years on the governing body it is still a pleasure to be associated with Standens Barn Primary School.

Appointed: pre 2008 by Governing Body

Declared interests: none 

Sheila Bryan

Sheila Bryan (Chair of Local Advisory Committee)

I have enjoyed being a school Advisory Committee member for several years and my specialist subject is finance, having worked for Nationwide Building Society for more than 20 years.  I have lived and worked in the area since 1976 and both of my daughters attended Standens Barn Primary School - a lifetime ago.  As Advisory Committee members, it is our joint responsibility to act as a critical friend and support the school wherever we can.

Appointed: 28/04/2008 by Governing Body

Declared interests: none

Pauline Gov

Pauline Matheson (Chair of Finance Committee and Vice Chair of Advisory Committee) 

I have an MSc in Business Computing and have been a project manager in various local private, public and voluntary sector organisations for over 10 years. When I'm not working or governing I enjoy reading, cooking and learning new skills.  

Appointed: 25/06/2012 by the Governing Body

Declared interests: none

100 0483

Cheryl Round-Turner (Chair of the Well-Being Committee)

I am semi-retired professional with a deep interest in the English Language and as a result reading regularly with a group of Y5/6.

Appointed: 28/09/2012 by the Governing Body

Declared interests: none

Associate Members

Kim Mattacola (Bursar - no voting rights)

Declared interests: none

Amie James

Appointed on 01/09/2019 by staff election
I am one of 2 Deputy Headteachers at the school.  I began at Standens Barn in 2003 when I was a class teacher in Year 1 and 2. Prior to this, I taught from Years 5-8 in a local middle school. 
Whilst being here my role has changed and evolved over time- I became a non class based SENCO and continue to undertake this role as well as my Deputy Headship. I have had the privilege of watching the school grow and develop for many years and it has been fabulous to continue to see our children thrive in our wonderful learning environment. 


Andy Price

Details to follow.

100 0484

Helen Murphy - Clerk to the Advisory Committee

I have been Clerk to the Governors since 2007 and I also clerk at four other schools in the county. Although I am now semi-retired (I used to work in a school office – hence my continuing interest in schools and education), as well as governor clerking,  I have another life as a musician (with no retirement in sight!).  I am the organist and choirleader at my church in Wellingborough and also sing with various other choirs, both regular and ad-hoc, which takes me to exotic places, such as Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral – to name but a few.

Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months

Sophie Butterworth

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