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Keeping Safe

Keeping Children Secure

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Standens Barn Primary


Our Vision, Values and Aims


The Governors vision is to make Standens Barn Primary School an excellent school.

This is created through the overarching vision of the school to give the children the skills to be independent, confident and self-led learners, who are brave, enthusiastic, safe and thoughtful.

The children are encouraged to cooperate and given opportunities to develop their individual academic potential and are guided to self-responsibility, while being mindful of the rights of others.


Celebrating achievements and sharing success.

Being positive, fair and consistent with clear expectations.

Providing challenge in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Listening, being approachable and valuing the views and opinions of others.

To teach children to be Brave, Enthusiastic, Safe and Thoughtful and to act accordingly.




Our aims are to send children out from Standens Barn Primary school who:

Are open to new ideas, brave, enthusiastic, safe, thoughtful, independent learners and thinkers, open-minded, numerate, literate, articulate, self-motivated, confident, secondary ready, fluent readers, fluent writers, fluent spellers, able to challenge, able to form opinions

Enjoy Reading

Have a wider knowledge of the world, thinking skills, an appreciation of learning, an ability to listen, with high expectations of themselves

Want to learn

Use ICT confidently

Can voice an opinion, and questions

Achieve full potential


Our aims are to send children out from Standens Barn Primary school who:

Are confident, co-operative, respectful, self-motivated, empathetic, polite, happy, respectful, streetwise, confident, resilient, responsible, and ready for secondary school, able to deal with peer pressure, happy, brave, enthusiastic,  safe, thoughtful, independent, well mannered, co-operative and respectful.

Believe in themselves

Enjoy reading

Can deal with peer pressure, take responsibility for their own behaviour, work well within a team, make the right choices, display manners, react appropriately to situations, follow rules, express feelings, communicate effectively, express opinions, make considered choices, understand the consequences, be aware of less appropriate behaviour, understand the consequences of their actions.

Show tolerance, respect and perseverance.

Have higher levels of self-esteem, have good communication skills, life skills, the ability to listen, self-confidence and aspiration


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Dear parents - unfortunately, we cannot invite you in to see around the school but once you are in the website then please go to our VIRTUAL TOUR page for a look inside our school.

On Monday the 8th of March 2021 we will be reopening our doors to the children again.

To do this safely we have put a risk assessment into place and this is on the website.

We have sent a reopening information letter and information about testing for parents and isolation information.

 Please check your email for this information.